Bring the walls of your business to life with acrylic-based graphic panels. As one of the most unique and modern types of professional decoration, graphic panels take your branding and ambiance up a notch by literally popping off the wall.

West Allis Blue designs and prints museum-quality graphic panels for countless satisfied businesses. No matter the size, material, shape, typeface, color, or purpose you have in mind, we will deliver excellence every single time.

wall graphics
wall graphics
wall graphics

Which Types of Graphic Panels are Available?

At West Allis Blue, customization is our speciality. By taking into account your specific branding goals and utilizing cutting-edge equipment, we can make your wildest design dreams a reality. Our most popular graphic panel options include:

  • Printing: The most common method of creating graphic panels is printing UV ink directly onto acrylic material. That said, there are countless customization options for printing, including affixing vinyl objects, applying clear or opaque decals, and utilizing special “second surface” and “sandwiching” techniques.
  • Cut: Your graphic panel can come in a standard rectangle shape or be cut along the unique edges of your image.
  • Edging: Choose between a raw, unpolished edge, or a glimmering, smooth edge.
  • Lamination: Lamination with glossy, luster, and matte finishes put a finishing touch on your graphic panel.
  • Mounting: Holes are commonly drilled in each of the four corners of your piece and fitted with aluminum stand-offs.

How are Graphic Panels Displayed?

Graphic Panels can meet a wide variety of interior branding needs, including:

  • Business logos
  • Room names
  • Donor appreciation
  • Menus
  • Customer testimonials
  • Directional signs
  • Bathroom signs

Top-Notch Graphic Panels

West Allis Blue has a 30-year reputation for excellence in both our products and customer service. If you’re considering whether or not graphic panels are right for your business, or you’re ready to install them right away, we’re here for you. For your free quote, call us today at 414-321-1422.