At West Allis Blue, we don’t want to be thought of as a vendor; we want to be considered your partner. We strive to offer exemplary customer service. Whether we are wrapping your truck or delivering 1000 business cards, we know all too well what it is like when your vendor doesn’t value your business. We have a deep commitment at West Allis Blue to exceed your expectations and earn your business.


Our team is built of experienced professionals with years in the print industry. Our production crews know our machines inside and out, ensuring the quality of your product every step of the way. The owners have been in the family business for over 30 years and our sales staff is passionate about delivering you the materials and products that best fit your needs.


MARK NABER – Vice President

Started: 1996
Favorite pastimes when not working: Duck /
goose hunting, bass fishing, ice fishing, all
things outdoors.
Favorite work project: Jennifer Lopez stage
banners installation in driving rain

LEE CONRADT – Operations Manager

Started: 2008
Favorite pastimes when not working: Hunting,
fishing, playing with my children, and spending time with my in-laws.

RANDY STEINBERG – Sales Associate

Started: 2013
Favorite pastimes when not working:Anything
with my family and Playing handball.
Interests: My son and I try and go to as many
Brewers, Bucks and Packer games as possible.

TIMOTHY J DILLON – Production Project Manager

Started: 1987
Favorite pastimes when not working: Darts


Started: 1985
Favorite pastimes when not working: Boating,
fishing, cycling
Favorite work project: Miller Park Construction

JEAN BISEK – Office Manager

Started: 1993
Favorite pastimes when not working: I enjoy
biking trails around the city & photography.
Favorite work project: Miller Park Construction

DERRICK MCCLUSKEY – Technical Services Manager

Started: 2014
Favorite pastimes when not working: Hunting,
fishing, archery and anything outdoors.
Quote: “If you can’t be used, you’re useless.”
Favorite work projects: Alverno College’s
graphics, wall art and window decals

KARI CONRADT – Controller

Started: 2001
Favorite pastimes when not working: Hanging out
with our two children, playing & coaching volleyball, and reading.
I sincerely enjoy working with my family
and the ability to pass on our core values to our
customers. We take pride in everything we do,
and that’s what sets us apart. Our mission is to
provide the best customer service and excel at
the little things since its those small details that
matter most.
Favorite work project: UW-Milwaukee custom wallpaper featuring various championship team photos


Quality is the code that we live by. We hand picked optimal equipment to exceed industry standards and deliver you the
sharpest, most unique, and stunning products. Your satisfaction is what keeps our company growing and thriving.


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