85044” 2 roll with hard drive

The Canon iPF850 is a premium large-format printer, perfect for technical printing jobs. If you’re seeking a reliable and convenient printer, look no further: the iPF850 offers top-of-the-line speed, versatility, and high-quality production.

Who uses it?

Professionals in a variety of fields utilize the Canon iPF850 for their wide-format printing needs. Common professions using this printer include:

  • Schools
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Contractors
  • Construction
  • Government Engineering Departments
  • Home-builders
  • Architects
  • Engineers


The Canon iPF850 might be the perfect printer for your needs. Here are the specs:

  • 44” Dual roll for high productivity
  • Wi-fi and cloud compatibility
  • USB and ethernet compatibility
  • Five-color reactive inks
  • Performance and economic monitoring
  • AutoCAD optimization
  • Large-format stacker for big printing jobs
  • Hard-drive storage up to 320 GB
  • Economy mode
  • Long-lasting sub-ink tank

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