Microfilm and Aperture Card Scanning

Before computers dominated information storage, businesses often relied on microfilm or aperture cards to store large amounts of graphic information in a small space. Using this method, businesses could store thousands of documents in a single file cabinet, allowing them a secure, efficient and cost-effective means of storing graphic information.

Common data types stored on microfilm and aperture cards include:

Using a microfilm or aperture card reader or printer, companies could easily view or print stored data as needed.

Problems with Microfilm and Aperture Cards

Despite its efficiency, storing data on microfilm and aperture card is problematic–especially in the event of flood or fire damage. Additionally, because companies often only keep a single microfilm or aperture card with no backup copy, there is no way to recover lost information if compromised.

Luckily, West Allis Blue has a solution for companies who have managed to preserve their microfilm and aperture cards to ensure that their stored data endures. Combining state-of-the-art equipment and highly-skilled operators, WAB can take these troves of technical data and convert microfilm and aperture cards to digital files including PDF or TIFF.

How Does Microfilm and Aperture Card Scanning Work?

Here at West Allis Blue, the process of scanning microfilm and aperture card data is fairly straightforward and relatively frictionless.

Our first step is to scan your files. During this step, we utilize a microfilm scanner that can read Hollerith-punched data from the microfilm or aperture card. The scanner reads the Hollerith data and renames the corresponding image in real time of the scan. This reduces the need to manually index files and, in turn, saves you valuable time and money. Lastly, we clean up your images by scaling them and editing out any blemishes or marks.

The West Allis Blue Difference

Our technology means we can ably scan thousands of cards in a very short time frame. Additionally, we offer partner programs to other imaging service centers to offer microfilm aperture card scanning to their clients.

Need your microfilm or aperture cards scanned? Don’t delay. Call us today for a free estimate for your project.